Tuesday, January 19, 2010

long lost

these photos are from my phone. have been in there for a pretty long time alr

at batam~jetty. super windy

resort's toilet. haha
this was the card i made for pooja's farewell! and no, that's not her. just a random baby from the mag

did snowman cards for the elan dancers. =] during christmas of cuz
and a turn off pic of me. this is what i did today
hahha, just kidding. i did more than just a facial mask luh
i cycled today too. finally!!!
cycled to the place for lunch first before continuing my cycling journey
i have no idea what that place is called, just a very long stretch of road that i'll be cycling in the future. i think i can even cycle to joce's house.
roller blading 2moro with 3/4 of clique and some guys friends
excited much=]]]] have been stoning at home for 2 days alr
and pinic on thurs with clique! eat, cam-whore, talk and eat again
fav pasttime. HAHAHAHHAA
im gonna go to bed now
yes wow
omg wait
let me talk about my dream
it's bout this person called javier
i have no idea who that is. in my dream, he seems to be my friend and had gotten into an accident. everywhere i go, ppl ask me "hey, did you hear about javier's accident?" or "what happened to javier?"
it's like, i have no freaking idea who this javier is yet in my dream i do. weird or weird.
maybe i'll make a friend call javier in jc. LOL

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