Monday, January 18, 2010

indecisive plus lack of determination
yeah, that describes me ALOT.
i suck at choosing. that doesnt mean i have bad taste. hahaha. just that, when given alot of choices[different colours and stuff], i tend to need alot of time to think which one i want. happens when i go shopping, choosing sch, FOOD [what do you want to eat? i don know what i want], places [where do you wanna go? up to you] and blah. hahahha. there's like.. A WHOLE BUNCH MORE. but i think im good at choosing the time. HAHHAA. the only thing i dont think too much about when deciding.
and yeah lack of determination!!! i planned to go cycling but now im too lazy to do it
should i? i have chingay later. i have till 5.45 before i need to call the pizza hut ppl for dinner.
chingay's at 730.
omg last year, chingay practice fell on valentines day.
so alot didnt turn up. in the end, my teacher called up everyone to make them forsake their
date. how sad. IF i was on a date then, i would definitely not go back. hahahha

and chingay yesterday was fun but annoying
cuz we had to keep walking and walking and walking.
i enjoyed this year's chingay much more than last year's. HOWEVER, this year's chingay is more painful. and the WIND caused it.
it's freaking windy at the singapore flyer!!!!!! and while dancing, our fan-skirt kept smacking our faces. it hit my upper piercing ear and it was so painful. the stick almost poked my eyeball too. we're doing so much for your entertainment!
can you handle what im about to do
im here for your entertainment... [yeah, if you haven guessed it, i was typing adam lambert's song]
ok freak, as i type, i have lesser time to cycle
since im having chingay prac later, shall not tire myself too much
girls are definitely much more fickle minded than guys.

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