Sunday, January 24, 2010

Imma be, imma be - imma imma imma be so yeah, if you didnt know... okay nvm, don think most ppl know. my family dont have a car
but for cny, my parents rented a car for a month=]
1000 plus i think.
yeah... hope my cousin pass her driving test. gonna ask her how it is during cny.
she failed twice alr. HAHAHA. if she passes this time, i can sit in her car!
i think it's cool to have a friend that drives. =]
well anws, was at chong pang and saw this car that got hit by a lorry
the first thing my dad did was to ask what happened and the very next thing is look at the car plate number and buy 4D. hahahhaa. i was so amused by his actions luh. typical singaporeans. [ oh, my phone cant spell singaporean, wth? ]
my dad's quite petite, im taller than him. HEEE. so he looks cute among those tall uncles. HAHA

and i saw this 2 storey cactus plant at chong pang. it's not fake-_-

im so weird, i find my parents really cute today.
before going back home, accompanied my mum to the fitness corner to exercise a bit
omg, she looks super duper cute while exercising!!! hahahhaa. damn cute damn cute!!
and she sweating after doing those exercises
our convo:
me: mummy, you're sweating
her: im not sweating, im perspiring, im not a pig
me: then how come im not perspiring [ on purpose ]
her: you are unhealthy
me: -_-

hahahhah oh wells, my face is peeling. yuck, hopefully all the burnt skin are gone when school starts. lol
and class chalet 2moro! miss me till wed. haha

juandi's choreography. his dances are always very sultry. ahaha. look at his ass! damn qiao

omg!! i know i sound gross but my lil bro's ass is damn soft. HAHHAA

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