Friday, January 1, 2010


yo! WENT TO 313 to shop for new year clothings
zomg, yi shang just called and i thought she isnt working on sun but she is!!!
should have went to new look to talk to her.
well anws
bought 2 jeans from uniqlo. then headed to zara to buy two new tops.

and as usual, saw alot of today. hahaha
and sorry guys for not being able to go P.A today.
i know alot of dancers went today but aiya, bad timing!!! lol
i have to sleep early today.... and wake up early tomorrow! for schoool.=] heh heh

ok ya, i said i'll post the pictures of the fishtail and braid in this post.=]
this is a normal braid
this is fishtail~!! must sexier right, but much more time consuming,

i have to take out my contacts now

i really doubt i can wake up on time 2moro at 5.45



ok bye ppl!

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