Friday, January 1, 2010


new year eve was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goood
ok, we actually planned to go to jurong east swimming complex and have fun but only 4 turned up which was pretty pathetic. and me and amanda were having our period so we didnt feel like going into the pool.
so ya
the day started of pretty bad, no actually, we thought it would be but it turned out so well.
cuz our clique's pretty big so 4 ppl to us is like missing a part of our group.
so in the end, we went for pepper lunch first before going to chevrons for bowling.
we all pretty much suck at bowling so it was so much more fun
HAHAHAHA. we laugh at each other like crazy. omg
and there this small boy who pushed the ball with both hands cuz obviously he doesnt have enough strength to carry the ball with one.
so amanda started copying him and it actually works! no strike but hit at least 6 pins. ahaha

after playing one round, we decided to switch to pool.
oh and, saw zhong yi, sam and kai wei there
so coincidental.
we all pretty much sucked at pool too actually, except amanda.
HAHAHAH. yes, we suck at a lot of things.
but it's so much more fun when we suck at things together. HAHAHAHA
we kept going ' AGAIN AGAIN! MUST GIVE CHANCE ' hahahhahaha
and we played for about 40 mins per game? lol.
team 1: amanda and nisa
team 2: me, kanice and pei qi.
round 1, team 1 wins.
round 2, team 2 wins!!!!!
oh wait, round 1's actually trial round. SO TEAM 2 WINS OVERALLLLLLL. HAHAHAHA
after pool, we went to play photo hunt. hahahaha
kaiwei gave us one dollar to play. HAHAHA. thanks
we were totally acting like pri sch children at the play ground and it was damn fun!
cuz that car could shake
so pei qi was the pilot and we were the passengers and she did that stupid announcement thing and said like we're going into turbulence, pls hold on. HAHAHA.
we played freeze and melt too
but didnt go too well cuz there were only 4 of us. HAHA
ahh...... i laughed so much yesterday.
we wanted to go swimming after that
no actually, pei qi wanted to but the rest were too lazy to change and stuff and we didnt go in in the end.
headed to imm for dinner afterwards.
we started rubbishing with 'what if' questions
damn fun + scary.
like pei qi asked us what if we get aids.
or like what if you found out you're adopted and stuff luh
pretty insane
oh and my mummy was so nice to me yesterday at first. like she say i can be home before 11
but it also mean i cannot go countdown with my frens.
nvm, i had enough fun with my frens on the last day of 2009
cant wait for the adventures 2010 would bring
but most importantly, i sincerely hope these friends i have now will be in contact with me.

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