Saturday, January 16, 2010

good news!!!!

after 5 long days. and yesterday being the climax, my pimple has shown signs of improvement! hahahhaa. omg. as melvyn said, i really think i'll will turn alot of ppl off. but it's okay~
my mum woke me up this morning and told me she bought me something and asked me to try if it fits.
i thought it'll be some tops but guess what? BRAS.
she bought 2. one with leopard prints and the other with cheetah prints. -_-
wow..... she says ladies must at least have one bra with prints [ something related to sexy ]
but honestly, i liked the one with leopard prints

and actually, i think my lil brother is a funny person. just that because he is my brother, i always take his jokes as something lame. but well, he's a really sadistic and lame person. HAHAHA
and i know there was this period last year where i said i don know him anymore. that was because during that period, he ignores everyone in the family. just super hard to talk to him. but he slowly improved. lol. always annoying me with songs.
one week plus till sch reopens!
still have a class chalet in b/w. something i've waited for quite long. lol
and roller blading this wed!
few chingay practices here and there.
i have one 2moro and the day after. gahhhh

my friend is kinda freaking me out right now........... ahhh

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