Wednesday, January 20, 2010


roller blading!!!
have been wanting to go since last dec
initially, around 6 ppl were supposed to go, i think 11 came in the end.
hahahhaa, just keep inviting and inviting
so yeah
met keziah and amanda and bedok mrt to cab there first
sigh, everyone was late.... only the guys were early.

their plan was to go there and sit on the beach and enjoy the sea breeze and maybe something else might happen. hee

so ya, we 3 rented our skates first. kaimin and lynette was an hour late. but nvm, expected of km to be late. i even gave her a wake up call!
the other 3 girls came just slightly later than us.
yeah, i think it was quite, no really fun.

this is called the squeeze pic.

this too
haha, we all have screwed hair
we kept screaming like mad when we go downhill

it's so scary cuz you have no control. ok maybe we have, but im just damn scared to use the brakes at the back. still cant really stop that way
but anws, keziah and amanda fell due to sam
he fell first then keziah and amanda looked behind and they both fell

kez's injury was the most serious though. mothalovin sexy. kanice spotted a heart in this picture. awww. kez must be thinking of ___ when it happened

after that, we returned our skates and went to macs for lunch
after lunch, we played indian poker
i swear i suck at that game
out of the 5 times i had played, i lost 4 times
like the smallest and largest number will lose
and im always the smallest number
so yeah, did some stupid forfeit
like asking for sample fries [like just one fries. btw, yi shang was damn good at it!]
and shouting go! go! in front of the tv though they didnt score
well, kaimin and sam had to drink some weird concoction that's made by yours truly!=]
chilli + ketcup + sugar + salt + pepper + ice milo + milk powder.

GIRLS ARE NOT EVIL. the guys kept saying that
they say they dont play until like that. are you serious?? i thought guys play worse than us.=[
anws after that, we went to play frisbee while keziah and amanda headed off

so focused... =] yeah talking bout me
hahhaa, well, i pretty much sucked at frisbee the most
but it was really fun!
after that took the bus back with the guys to... boon keng i think
wanted to get off at bishan but mrt's always fastest. ahaha
toon kept poking me cuz i gave his com virus. HAHAHAHHA. oops
just don press any link i send you unless i ask you to go see
haiz... im too trustworthy. HAHAHA. and i shall not betray it.
see, warning you now.

and........ isnt he freaking cute!!! pei qi doesnt think so. he's in that second video at the side. go gikwang. freak, im joining that group soon. the group in which i used to think is super annoying: going crazy over korean boys.. pfffs.
p.s: im too lazy to tag ppl on fb but it's even more annoying when ppl tag themselves on fb. cuz my com will keep ringing. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

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