Thursday, January 28, 2010


i was totally not used to waking up so early and travelling so far again that i felt like puking and almost fainted this morning
i was feeling extremely uncomfortable
so i got off at clementi and my vision suddenly became super grainy
i could only see 10%. but luckily i managed to find a seat and sat down immediately
once i sat down and closed my eyes, i could feel blood gushing through my head.
it was quite scary but felt slightly better after that
then met dian and kanice at buono vista
but still felt like puking and i did in the end. hhahaha
after that, i felt SOOOO much better

anws, the morning talk was torturous.
so long and boring
after those talks, the games finally started.
ok to think about it, they were all quite fun
because i was saying that it's not as fun as i expected when it just ended but now, i think it's really fun, compared to other schools. aahha

but! my O.G's pretty quiet. 2moro should prolly be better.=]
btw, eudea's in my group! awesome.=]]
and i made this friend called linn
think she looks like nadine. and she's one of the more friendly ones there.
my O.G's called ZEPHYROS!!!!!
and my clan's VASILIA!!!!!!!!!!!
hahaha, i think my OGLs are quite disappointed in us for being not that enthu
i mean we're really really really loud when we cheer but after those cheers, we just fall into silence. and we're not very responsive to them. lol
acjc is high all the time.
and i should go to bed soon

some pictures from class chalet.
met in the morn to buy food
at aloha loyang=]

ok ya, more during the weekend. =]

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