Friday, January 22, 2010


my first time there yesterday. didnt know it was so near to cgs.
well anws, me pooja nisa and dian were the early ones. the rest were an hour late.
i called mo at 10 and she told me she'll be there in a while. turns out she was the second latest
well anws, bought our pinic food at tanglin market place before walking there=]
we didnt have any mat so we bought newspapers instead. HAHAHA. works well actually
my brother said we could have sat on the grass but there were so many ants! our food's impt.
after eating and chit-chatting, we played frisbee. hahaahahah, we kept laughing at pei qi cuz she looks so funny when she wants to catch the frisbee. but fine, you don really suck at it. =]
after that, we went to camwhore and usual stuff.
ok the best thing we did was playing a prank on random ppl
we sat at this bench that was facing the pavement
and we just kept smiling and looking forward
it was so retarded. i took a video and will post it up soon
there was this couple that kept looking at us.
well yeah, went back to our pinic "mat" after and starting climbing trees
must have gotten the genes from my dad
my mum said he used to love climbing trees. HAHA

and a must have: A SQUEEZE PICTURE!
and im sun burnt. initially i thought i had a mosquito bite or something but there wasnt any bum on my shoulders. it's just itchy and red.
and today, it hurts.
well after botanic's, we walked back to tanglin mall's starbucks to chill
played card games and old maid
we played 3 rounds and for all 3 rounds, pei qi was the old maid.
seriously, she's destined to be an old maid
ahhh, cant wait for class chalet, it'll be great.
what a good way to set our mood for school
like on the 27th morning, we'll all be receiving messages on which school we'll be going to and stuff.
i have ballet this evening
my dream, last night:
it was a mixture of it. i dreamt i did something really bad but i felt like i was in the right. but i knew my mum was gonna kill if when she finds out. so i locked myself in the room. my mum obviously has the key to my room and she opens it up.
i thought she would be flipping mad but instead, she sat on my bed and spoke to be freakishly gently and i just cried. i swear my tears came out. i woke up and my left cheek was wet.
then fell back asleep again and dreamt that i was in the train with two guys sitting beside me.
i have no idea what was going on actually. i think they were both fighting over this girl or something, but not me. so i was annoyed and stood up and walked to the side. then i heard them whisper: i think the girl who is wearing specs look pretty. [ which refers to me, damn, still ego in my dreams. AHHAAHAHHA ]
well anws, not the point. the girl kinda appeared after and i was somehow involved and she whispered to me: i guess im even more popular than i alr am, i know you're interested in me too.
LIKE WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! either i suddenly became a guy in my dream or lesbian, doesnt even make sense! well, i said no of cuz. then after getting off the train, i saw this cat at the platform and when i was nearing it, it suddenly grew bigger and became a fishing carebear-_-
f my dreams, really.

somebody to love - leighton meester

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