Tuesday, January 5, 2010

and we'll fly

went to queensway shopping ctr to get my sch shoe with my eld bro today

i guess you can buy cheap and good quality stuff there. my brother always goes there to buy his soccer stuff

my shoe's kinda weird but it's freaking comfortable~!

weird as in the thing is kinda slanted? i don know, i'll take a pic of it then show you guys in the next post

and i got a new sch bag too. from east pak. not too comfortable but the lady said it'll become softer or something. hope it does!

then made our way to my ah ma house cuz it was nearby

on the way there on the bus, i saw this ah ma walking down the stairs backwards

DAMN CUTE LUH! hahahhaa.

ok i wanted to post this video in the previous post but it took damn long to load and it was super late alr.

and so ya, was bored on a particular night and decided to vlog bout "stuff"

i purposely add subtitles in case you cant really hear but aiya, was too lazy at the back to add. hahaha, so it stops half way.


anws i realize you cant really see what the words in green are. it's actually *the dots on the words are oil from the bluetack.

so as you can see, the pictures have been on that wall for quite some time, started curling alr. i think that can be counted as one of my most embarrassing thing in my room.

ok, gonna mia for 3 days or maybe 2, haven really decided if im gonna stay over the second night, we'll see. [ pri class chalet ]

anws, what's wrong with pronouncing mia as "mah-ya"? HAHAHAH. pei qi thinks it's gross, like pronouncing lol as "lor"


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