Thursday, January 14, 2010

and i was still thinking

went for ac and sa's open house yesterday
went for ac's one first but woke up kinda late. hahaa
and of cuz, saw more familiar faces at ac.
pri sch mates, nh ppl, crescentians and stuff.
and we saw this guy
ok, we know him through a video. HAHAHHA, i know this sounds absurd.
it's true! he was inside some racial harmony video and his name was there.
nvm, i'll sound like some freak.
after that, we made out way to sa. but we reached when their open house ended.
lol. however, i love sa's campus like mad!!!!!!!
it's super crescent like
i keep telling my friends that i love sa just by looking at the campus.
ac's campus is nice but the feeling is just quite intimidating.
sa's more homely
and i saw more pri sch mates and melvyn. don know where to categorize him under
mum's ex co.'s genting excursion friend? LOL
finally got to see him in person.
and pei qi said i know too many ppl and it's not good. hahhaa.
so anws, i've officially chosen ACJC. submitted and all
so don come and ask me why don go to a better sch [fyi, i got 7 points but don take hcl, so i only minus 2 points, not 4]
why not nj
and don tell me how good another sch is and make me regret my choice
i'll punch you.

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