Friday, January 29, 2010


this is the first day of sch during talks....... hahahaha
and on the seond day! this is my desktop background picture
as you can see, we're all covered in birdshit
actually it's mud and starch.
today was so so so so much more fun
though our OGLs pangsehed us half way
we're an independent OG! we just found a spot and played games.
me and eudea lost and this was our forfeit
ok maybe you cant really tell but we tied our hair up in a really high pony tail
yeah whatever, super minor forfeit. ahahaha.
but in the end, we made all the girls tie their hair like this.
woots!!! go zephyros!!!!!!!!!!!!!
talks were boring but like, i realized everything is gonna be different in JC.
sec 4 was so easy. so sec 4s! it may seem like a tough year for you but after you complete everything and hear these talks in JC, everything will change.

yeah after those talks, we had games, mass dance, mass rally
my OG doesnt really like to dance though. hhaahaha. =[
but oh wells, at least they still tried!
tired, dirty, wet [ cuz it rained half way and my OGL splashed water at me when i was washing the starch off my hair ] but it was all fun!
and cleo got in through appeal and she's in amelia's group. WHAT?!!?!?!? that's so unfair.
prolly gonna buy my uni 2moro and meeting my clique at 313 after buying my uni!!!!!!!!!!!
awesome awesome awesome awesome.
thanks xiu for accompanying me to buy uni!!!!!!!!!!
and yes, gonna go to bed now. NIGHT!!!!!

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