Friday, January 8, 2010


anws, this was the pair of shoes i bought. get what i mean, it's a little bit slanted, but i think that's the design
and my bag!
so ya
met my class guys guys at northpoint for lunch first before going to downtown
on the way there, i was doing my sudoku book again
then shaun wanted to try
so wilfred and him started doing
hahaha, don think they completed it
so we finally reached and checked in.
for the past few years, i usually go on the second day
but i guess going on the first day is much better cuz like you'll feel more at ease by the night and stuff. like not that awkward anymore.
oh, this is what we do whenever we're bored and blast music as well
they keep playing asshole daidee. i became the king from an asshole. how pro am i. LOL
oh we played bridge as well and omg, no one wants to be wilfred's partner
there was one round he chose me as a partner [ if you know the game ] and i told myself: shit, gonna lose this round. lol
only a few ppl know how to play though.
on the first night
we went to play arcade then pool and caught a movie
we watched sherlock holmes. it's a very smart movie!
i love this kind of movie
like the character is damn smart and stuff. idk, just love smart movies.
it ended around 11 plus and we went back to bathe and watch paranormal activities
after that, we caught a comedy movie
couldnt really sleep that night cuz it was damn cold. me and hui yi shared one room. while the guys squeezed into the other. haha
woke up super early cuz i think i was too excited to continue sleeping
when i woke up, only shaun and alistair were awake so we just talked bout sch and they talked bout singing? hahaha. and we woke jun wei up by talking.
so, here are the ppl who were there on the first day and caleb just came out of the bath. LOL
we continued playing card games cuz it was raining. damn stupid, but thankfully it didnt rain during the BBQ
after it stopped, we went out and wanted to roller blade
but the auntie didnt allow because she said the floor is wet and the roller blades will be wet and it takes a week to dry and it'll stink. that's alot of "and's" in one sentence.
disappointed but at least there were still bikes.
we stopped half way and the guys tried to break this coconut but didnt really work. hahha
it was damn empty at the park and it's freaking small?
we cycled to both ends and stopped quite a few times but we still had time
so stopped at a bridge to take pictures
from left: alistair, hao weng, hui yi, samuel, caleb, haskel, wilfred, shaun, jun wei, keegen. and obviously and one in pink shades is me.
went to buy more BBQ stuff from ntuc at ehub before going back and rest
6caring joined us later on and it was quite weird cuz they sat in one room and us in another.
but i thought it was quite smart to ask them to come though a little awkward
cuz only 20 plus from our class could make it and 20 plus from their class, so that acutally makes one class. cheaper for all too
in the end, we watched this jap movie that wasnt too interesting.
my brother came later to help with the fire and it was so fun during the BBQ
the organiser, shaun. credits to him for such a great chalet!
6ach =D
jun wei kept annoying me. even ppl from my pri class implied im a bimbo. ughh. he kept saying i no brain and caleb asked if i knew how to ride a bike cuz i almost fell. -__-
CAT HIGH GUYS....... ughhh
that explains why my brother is like that. he joined them in annoying me
oh but the marsh mellows he helped me bbq was awesome. damn big and crispy.
we played truth or dare later on and i dared caleb to kiss a guy on the cheek cuz no one was actually willing to let caleb kiss him
in the end, he kissed jun wei. hahaha. i have the vid!
went home after that.

me, jun wei, yi chye
anws, slept at 1 plus and woke up at 2pm today
when i woke up, shaun said they went to kbox after checking out..?!
ahhaha. and he still had another chalet to go to.
met my mum with my brother at northpoint and ate at yoshinoya.
went home after to sleep again
i wasnt tired but just felt giddy
woke up and it was alr 7
was late for my ballet
hahaha, my mum and brother went to my ah ma's house so i was alone at home
i quickly rushed down and the class was ending alr.
after that, my grade 8 class started.
i have cstd class first before my rad class. thank goodness, if not i'll be wasting my time if i went there
home now and haven had dinner
fine, maybe a curry puff, some seaweeds and wantons.
ok gonna bathe then sleep
fb sucks, whenever i wanna upload pictures, they force me to do it the next day

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