Thursday, December 3, 2009


that's the album name for today's occasion
went to nisa's house for swimming!!
yeah, more pictures on fb
haven been to a pool for damn long
i mean, seeing is one thing, dipping into one is another. LOL
i kinda forgot how to swim alr
we were there more to play water/ ball

my fav photo!
yeah after swimming
we stood in this grass patch to play volley ball
then we bathed and went to KFC for lunch
it's like swimming/dvd day
we watched 'parents trap'
quite an old movie, belongs to me=]
it's really nice
lindsay lohan acted in it. and it's bout a pair of twins. blah blah
then they watched high school musical 3 and i was in nini's room playing dress up on the internet
so fun!
i saw her little sis playing and i went to kope the url if im not wrong
her sis is so cute!
she drew a card that says "welcome to our room" and double sided taped it to her care bear and placed it on her bed
haahha, i think i used to do such stuff too
yay, i like the feeling of us together. in someone's house. such a cosy feeling.
oh and, my mum didnt know i received a bikini for my birthday
i wore it today
and she saw it in the laundry bag and scolded me
but she didnt say she didnt allow me to either.
ok nvm
freak, i heard a lizard.
ok, night

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