Sunday, December 27, 2009


went to P.A for the D.I christmas party today
but before going there, we went to bugis to buy NICHOLAS'S LARGER PRESENT and to buy food. hahhahahhhh
when we reached there, they were all doing warm up. goodness!
we totally didnt bring any dance attire
so we sat outside and did NICHOLAS'S CARD. see pig!!!! you better be happy with your present man.
then after they did the warm up, FOOD TIME!
omg, i eat and eat and eat and eat
there were so much food!!!
then after don know how long
we started playing games
the punishment for the loser was to eat
not anything but marshmallow dipped in chilli, ketchup with cheese.
yeah, i tried one, wasnt too bad luh.
if you think it's nice, it'll taste nicer. lol
we were so excited for harry potter to eat it luh, but ughh
well, at least ang ku kueh ate a few.hahahaha, was damn funny.
ok, i know there are alot of nicknames here and there.
overall, it was pretty heart warming

ok next next next
KANICE'S BIRTHDAY ON THE 26 DEC!!!!!!! which happens to be my mum's birthday too.=]
well, we planned to go to her house in the morning to surprise her
so we met at tiong macs to blow balloon
but! while doing it half way, kanice msged dian-_- PFFFFSS
means that kanice was awake. hahaha
ok complicated story
while walking to her house, kanice saw us while she was on the bus to tiong-_-
so ya, morning surprise = failure!
after that, we all met her at tiong for lunch
and went to bird park after that
so many C.GS!!!!!!!!!!!! hahhahahhhahaa. goodnesss. felt so much happier in the heat.
ok ya, honestly, i learnt quite alot from bird park but i think im forgetting them alr.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KANICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=]]]]]]]]]]]]
sorry for the failure in the morn. =/

combined on the 29.
shithead, i wanted slyvia to win

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