Wednesday, December 16, 2009

my batam post will come up shortly
just wanna say im back!
and im disappointed with the number of pictures i took cuz the ppl i went with don really like to take that much photos.
first night, chilled at the hotel lobby with jingle bells. [ vodka + tequila + lime cordial ] it was supposed to be green but it turned out colourless in the end
wasnt too bad. my dad had singapore sling. really liked that cuz it's sweet. cousin had long island tea. he hated it. hahahha, but finished all. lil bro had the same as me and eld bro had martini.
my mum liked his but it just tasted weird to me.

second night, we had ktv. my cousins and brothers were all damn retarded
and my mum kept forcing my to sing!
i cant sing for nuts. i was damn annoyed! but overall, it was fun.
if i ever go ktv again, maybe i'll go alone. HAHAA

ok ok, i'll continue 2moro. bye!

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