Monday, December 28, 2009

all i did today was play conker, a x-box game
like i played it from 12 plus to 6 plus. insane or what. but of cuz i stopped for lunch and stuff

not the point of my post anws.
'friends' is the problem
not these friends, they are great.

but like
i wonder if you mean any of those ___ [ friend a ]
it somewhat hurts me sometimes but i know that, or hopefully you don mean it.
like, it's a little difficult to have a decent convo on fb.
on msn is fine though.
apart from that.
this is friend b now.
i dislike/like __
i don know if this happens to any of you but can you like and dislike someone at the same time.
i don know if that makes me a hypocrite or rather, a bad friend.
i know it's normal for that [ not referring to liking and disliking someone at the same time ] to happen but sometimes it just gets annoying.
i wanna support you but sometimes it's hard.

gonna play sims 2 now.
just made my elder sim died from swimming. sadis me.
p.s: i've been having problems with friends since pri sch, just that it was WAY much worse then. in sec sch, i was so much happier but there were still some problems here and there. and whenever i complain to my mum about them, my brother always has to rub it in. saying stuff like friend problem again. kinda implying like im an asshole and i'll never have friends ever.

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