Friday, December 25, 2009


who am i kidding, im in no christmas mood at all
heck that
went to catch alvin and the chipmunks 2!!!!
zomg, theodore is so cute. love that name too
adorable movie
some guys behind us kept laughing like crazy.
i mean, it's not that funny for your age man. -_-

oh and, went to keziah's church on xmas eve!=]]]
only me and amanda went though
and she had some ice cream vouchers so we went to eat ice cream first.
oh before that, went to bowl in the morning with my family
i got a strike and the next turn, i got zero-_-
ok, back to ice cream!
we went to udders. yes, that part of a cow. yknow, the 4 thingy you can squeeze and milk comes out? i tried before in australia. but my hands were tooo small then to squeeze anything out.
so ya
back to ice cream
we ordered rum rum raisin and this choya lime sorbet thingy
i was naturally attracted to choya and sorbet
both alcoholic but the rum rum raisin was really strong.
it's not bad. would go back again. it's near united square. like the service!

so ya, church. thankfully it's not like 100 ppl together
it's only roughly 30 ppl. feels more.... safe? HAHAHA
sing sing, play games, EAT, listen to talk.

kez's friend, kez, amanda, me, kez's sis. she's damn cute! smaller size than keziah.

kez and her friend walking together, not really caring if we were still following behind. HAHAHHHAA. too engrossed talking to each other.
keziah talk alot man. could tell she did most of the talking
me and amanda were like ' i could never do that with a guy luh! so awkward '
fun experience anyhow.
i hate being the bad person.
btw, love my new nail colour.
though both my brothers tell me ' mummy's so gonna kill you '
ppl around my age love my nail colour though. hee
ok, mum say no blogging after 12
have to wrap up
still waiting for my 49.10 from nuffnang to come.

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