Thursday, December 10, 2009

i cant figure out what's it that's making me feel so frustrated.

anws, when i went out yesterday
i was having my meal half way and i just suddenly felt like puking
it was such a horrible feeling
no, im not pregnant, i did ask myself that. HAHAA. but i didnt have sex before, duh.
it was just so sudden.

oh and yeah, im quite psyched for my batam trip=]!
it means more pictures! hahaha
don think the two batteries can last me that long

and i think that i leave things hanging
like, it's in the middle of something and i just let it go.
i don know if ppl feel that
im feeling strange things these days
ok, i need to go shopping.
and you know when i say stuff like,"someone, sponsor me! bring me out for shopping!"
i don actually mean it
if a 'stranger', or someone that i roughly know volunteers, i'll definitely say no
i think i'll only say yes if my parents or relatives bring me out.
i don like going out with ppl i don know, alone
alone is an impt word
that awkward, strange feeling is so annoying.
if it's with a group, it isnt that bad. i like groups
i think im pretty mean to strangers. unless you're a stranger that's my friend's friend. lol
aiya! i cant figure out myself.
this is one of the nights i think too much. HAHAHA
see! thinking might not be a very good thing.

ok, maybe i need some sleep.

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