Monday, December 7, 2009

hey! let's talk about vulgarities today=]

certain vulgarities have different level of intensity.
for example, glancing and staring both belongs to looking.
but glancing is just a minor look at someone while staring is fierce and intense.

so ya
TO ME, these vulgarities have different levels of intensity. 1 being the most minor
1) dumb [ dont really use it often though, too minor ]
2) stupid [ pretty often ]
3) shit [ often as well ]
4) you suck [hahha, so often]
5) idiot
6) asshole [more often than dumb ]
7) fuck [ very seldom. so ya, when you hear this from me, either im super high or super angry ]

i don get it why ppl say fck you.
they sound like they are suggesting something but actually, they are pissed with that person.
shouldnt they say fck yourself? sounds more logical.
but that's like wanking. [ i learnt this word in sec 2 from hui yan. HAHAHA ]
ZOMG! i must maintain an innocent image
but ya, to me, stupid is an innocent insult.
i was inspired to do this after calling someone stupid and that person was a little shocked.
HAHA. so ya, if i say stupid, it's usually the funny kind of way. no harm intented.
but if i say asshole, it's half half.
goodness, it's so hard to understand girls huh.
well, it's easier if you hear the tone and look at the expression.
oh oh! if i say 'asshole.' [no extra expressions, just a simple word] it's the angry one
if i say 'tsk, asshole luh you.-_-' that is a, ok, you suck but i don mind.
i think this is quite retarded
yup!! easier to differentiate now

ok, it's like 12 now. so pls take this post half seriously.

p.s: have not bathed yet.
p.p.s: this post is so gonna change some impressions of me. stupid=]

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