Saturday, December 5, 2009


went out to meet joce today
went for some minor shopping
but was feeling tired the whole day
so we didnt cam-whore much
more of shopping
i wanted to get a dress!
but budget budget!!
i didnt get any in the end
only got a green top.
i want to get either this
or this. always in a dilemma. this looks nicer from far. but the prints' are quite ugly.
my nails now. it's only on my left hand though. ooh! got a new candy green for etude. i love the colours!
and we were kinda bored at orchard so went to sembawang
sat at coffee bean for a drink
while walking into sun plaza
yknow the boy who acted in fighting spiders and first class season 2
ya, the ah beng one
damn it! he's so hot real life
but dian says he's 14!
ye jing says he's 14 too
and that he smokes
eew. turn off
yeah, this is my drink. dark chocolate peppermint hot chocolate. yes, that's the name of this drink. oh, but it's kinda too sweet for my liking. it's supposed to be dark choco!
they didnt come with whipped cream at first so i asked for it
damn nice!=]

going mustafa [ is this how you spell it? ] to shop 2moro
cuz it's my ah ma's birthday 2moro
don see a link?
mustafa is near the place we're having dinner
no frisbee 2moro
im so shocked can
i thought the frisbee thing was just for fun
but like it turned out to be damn serious and it's like real frisbee training!
then in the frisbee blog
the person said he expected everyone to turn up, no excuse like too tired or what if not that person can just quit.
well, the guy i thought was cute posted that.
now maybe not anymore. HAHHAA.
idiot, quit then quit luh. whatever.
ok, night!

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