Friday, December 11, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MO MO~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

met keziah and toon at vivo for lunch and to pass toon the anyhow art tickets.
he overslept but he reached there the first. HAHA, wth-_-
after that, met up with lynette and went job hunting
im really excited to work
hopefully the ppl there will call us, by today.
toon left after and the 3 of us went to meet yi shang
ok blah, made our way to parkway parade, had dinner and waited for the time to come
around 7 plus, we took a bus to mo's house and started preparing all the stuff

walking to her house

we blowed balloons to put in the pool
it was terrible
because at first, we put like 1/10 water into the balloon and the wind was bloody strong
so it kept getting out of the water
in the end, vic suggested putting 1/3 filled with water
it wasnt as pretty, but at least it stayed in the pool
but when the wind blows, it all gets blown to the edge. so annoying.
it's a tough job man
and i think we got too little balloons. here's the end results
still, i think it's quite nice=]
the security guard there kept chasing us to call mo down
he say the residents complain or something. so annoying
we wanted to write a happy 16 for mo with candles but with that kind of wind, no chance.
called mo's mum to bluff her downstairs
we placed her gifts in zip lock bags and put them in the pool
the first 2 was in the shallow pool where mo was only half wet
so for the last one, we placed it in the deep pool where she had to dive in. hahah!
ok the other pictures are on fb
pei qi pushed keziah into the pool
and vice versa

went up to mo's house and change and just sat in her room and talked for awhile

then went down to have our cake + supper!mo's lil bro cooked for us, so cute
we just had maggie mee and more maggie mee with apple juice and music.

i love this picture

our spasm video=]]]] enjoy

me and keziah went home around 11
omg, it was freaking scary when we walked passed that same road at night
so we started running but keziah's slipper broke
of all times! lol
got home around 1230
and my mum was so not happy
i don know what's wrong with sleepovers
she didnt allow me to have a sleepover so i got home pretty late and she was pissed
she said she would rather me stay at home the whole day
that's so wasting my time
she doesnt like me to dance my time away
im joining all these things because i like them and it's for experience and exposure
it's the hols!!!!! why cant i go out everyday
even if i stay at home, i'll be spending money on lunch too
and my clique does not have a bad influence on me
their parents allow them to have sleepovers doesnt mean they're wild!
and i have like how many times left to spend with them!
im not sec 5 next year, no same class!!
the hols is to enjoy life
you said," so what if it's after O's "
it's SO good to have a blog.

p.s: i love videos, they make me smile

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