Thursday, December 3, 2009


cant believe it right. hahha
but saw one at bugis
i saw kiwi, the ah beng one in the show.
he looks must friendlier in real life, though shorter than expected too
went to sch for dance! tried the AHA make-up cuz i might be working next week, so i should get everything done this week
woo! feeling so efficient
we might need night practices next week
a little stress, but enjoying it
yknow what! after telling my mum bout working, she stopped asking me if im going out the next day or not. and she doesnt get angry.
see! told you i need to work. LOL
ok, here are the specimen make-up

yes, the lips will be that red! sexy arh. hahaha
at macs=]
me, xiu and letty then went to bugis for lunch
we were walking to the duck rice place for lunch which xiu recommended
and we passed topman
xiu was walking in front while me and letty were walking behind
then when i looked into topman casually
there was this huge group of guys!
i think JC students cuz A's just ended
and just nice, they all turn and looked in our direction!
i have no idea why! omg. hahahhaa
mostly C.G's. hehs=]]]]
wah, damn shuang
yeah. i ordered mee pok. wasnt that nice
but the guy serving called me mei nu [ pretty girl ]. HAHAHAH
shuang again. quite a young chap
ok ok!! my skin v thick luh
then we went to P.A for dance
lao shi wasnt there so we practiced ourselves
hahaha, we were like half slacking, half dancing
but at least we full up a few times
full up means we did our moves like how we'll do on the actual day. that's dance lang.
i think i perform better when someone is watching
that kinda pressure is good.
well, thanks to the orange shirt guy for letting us use the studio!!
everyone's so nice to us today for god know what reason man
then we wanted to go back to bugis for frozen yogurt at J.CO
we were all freaking excited can
but in the end they tell us it's not available-_-
so i ended p eating yami yogurt
quite nice too but ya, just different.
i think bugis got quite a lot of C.Gs. hahahha
p.s: i don think i make a good make-up artist. lol. cuz i get really impatient with my 'client'. like i cant stand it when they keep moving and moving. and that's what celebrities always do if i wanna go that far. hmmm

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