Wednesday, December 30, 2009


yeah, i spent my day with that again

i really wish i could bring my friends to my house
like that, i can have great company/fun and don need to worry bout transportation!
when will that day come...............
my pri sch class chalet is coming up
don know if i should feel excited bout it or not

anws!!!!!! managed to do a fishtail! using my hair that is
it's different from a normal braid.
took so long to master the skill
actually, it's me who is lazy to try again.
i tried while on my way to batam but couldnt work
think you need to wet your hair a little first, easier that way.
i took a photo of it but cant seem to upload
i think i'll upload it in the next post.
gonna play sims now
sorry that i end off with the same ' gonna play sims now ' thingy these few days.
nth much more interesting to do
my life's quite a bore.

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