Saturday, December 5, 2009


went to little india today
actually, we were making our way to mustafa
should have gotten off at farrer park instead. pffs
i was wearing heels
that explains the title
even my sole has blisters
i want a straw hat
went to far east the other time, it freaking costs 19.90
maybe if it's like 9.90 i'll buy it.
nvm, must go kampong glam or haji lane to see. there should have cheaper straw hats.
i want it so that i'll look like those typical tourists when i go batam. HAHA
finallly leaving singapore for awhile and allowing ppl to miss me. LOL
the job isnt confirmed yet. UGHHHH. i really wanna work for god know what reasons.

okey, some pictures. rest on fb!=]
dillon! he fell down the stairs=[ and i was "supposed" to take care of him cuz i was the oldest there at that time. pfffs, felt so guilty. but he didnt cry. weird.
happy birthday to you~
trust me, my feet was killing me at this point.
me and gor. the only family member that is willing to take SOME pictures with me.
when i was like 20m away from my void deck, i took my heels out
it felt as if my blisters were stuck to my heels
it was both shiok and painful to take the heels out
but today was quite fun=]
going down to P.A 2moro to get those AHA tickets
so last and final call!!!
anyone wanna get??
oh fyi, there are no seats. it's not a typical performance.
this one, you stand and watch and have to walk to see the next one. hee
may sound interesting to some and retarded to others.
but im performing! most important. HAHAHA
jkjk. my lao shi choreographed a wonderful dance for us.
im so honoured to dance it!!!!!
still have ballet in the morn 2moro. mmmmm
sleep early everyone
i shall go play sims 2 now
p.s: happy - leono lewis, anyone? cry me out/up [ not sure what the last word is ] - pixie lott, anyone? hahah=]
OH! it's cry me out!=]

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