Wednesday, December 16, 2009


day 1
same old same old, woke up, do last min packing and head out.
had breakfast at harbour front before meeting my cousins
i shall skip all the admin stuff
oh, my lil bro brought his fishing rod to batam
hoping there would be places to fish
so we boarded penguin 7, the name of the ferry
we went to the upper deck. the chairs were so much smaller and less comfy
BUT! the view and wind was awesome

grp pic!
that feeling is just awesome, the wind in your face and hair...
and you fall asleep soon after. lol
right, and so we reached!

me and my aunt my aunt was looking at my ear and saw my piercing
she's not the very open kind, so i guess if i was her daughter, she would have killed me. lol
my mum also said that she didnt know i pierced there till my aunt pointed it out.
so yah, SHIT.
bt she didnt really scold me like mad
just commented some stuff... so, thank god!
the boat ride was about 45min. then took a bus ride to our resort which was about an hour

on the mini bus. i made my dad wear my pink shades. lol. he wore it over his specs

but when we reached there, we realize we could have actually took a boat from tanah merah directly to our resort. save so much time.

so upon reaching
we went to check the place out
there were places to fish. lol. my lil bro was soooo freaking excited that it got to a point that was annoying. HAHAmy mum took that. damn awesome photo.
oh another thing, the resort had singapore channels. freaking good!!!
i didnt have to miss my tao hua xiao mei
got to watch it that night
after the show, bathed and went to the hotel lobby for drinks.
ordered jingle bell. part of the christmas offer.
ya, i mentioned this in my previous post.
i felt a little light headed after it but it wasnt too bad.
i wonder how it feels like to be drunk.

day 2
shopping day
skipped breakfast to wake up late
then took the mini bus to their 'town'
my dad said it was like singapore 30 years ago.
we went to this huge mall and was given 3 hours to shop
totally not enough
im so disappointed with what i got. pfffs
i only got a dress, hair straightener, lipstick [which btw sucks hell lot], lip gloss.
yes, im serious, that's ALL. but nvm, my mum say she's giving me her guess wallet which was her birthday present last year. HAHHAAA. yayness
yup, after shopping, we went for lunch
it's just so different. go to my fb to see the pictures.
they come in small dishes and all
and a lot of them tasted weird
after that, we went back to our resort for massage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

woots, super excited for that.
was kinda awkward though
cuz there was one part she did the stomach massage for me
so like my boobs were exposed
i told my mum and she said the lady placed her hands over her boobs
so they were covered
mine didnt do that! hence... it was...... weird. i closed my eyes to make myself feel better.

they massage your feet first before going to your face
it's so gross thinking about it. yknow, after walking around one whole day. eeeeww

after the massage. oh their ginger tea is nice.
went for dinner after that.
after dinner, bathed and went for ktv
lol, it was pretty fun. yeah, mentioned this in previous post. haha
day 3
skipped breakfast again to wake up late. lol
and that morning, i suddenly could receive msg and was looking forward to texting again.
taking the same boat back
but this time, i felt a little bit nauseous. tried to sleep it off but the chairs are so not helping
when we finally touched ground, it felt so good
but now, im having that giddy spell again and idk why!
overall, despite the ppl smoking everywhere [ hotel lobbies, shopping malls, on the boats ]
it was an enjoyable trip.=]]]
click on that link to view the rest of the pictures~
i might be blogging only on mon after this cuz i have dance for the next 4 days
thurs - AHA practice
fri - dad's company christmas lunch then AHA full dress rehearsal
sat - AHA day 1
sun - AHA day 2
with love. bye=]

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