Tuesday, December 22, 2009


caught that movie today.
yknow, i thought the movie was the cartoon monk at first.
hahaha, but after watching the trailer then i realized.
but then again, i wasnt really looking forward to watching the movie. thought it'll be boring.
it was damn good.=]]]]]]]]

anws, fb still have some problem, AHA pictures not up yet. lol
and yy went to canada to study on sun itself.
the whole D.I [dance inspiration] group is like a family!
and we are new borns i guess, cuz we just joined. hahaha
excited for the pot luck this sun.

so for anyhow art, it's just so different.
no seats, no stage.
just the audience and us and some trees. those who went would understand.
the audience were so close.
and it was really amusing to look at their reaction when you stare at them
omg, on the first night, the ppl sitting in front were all girls
and when i stare at them, they just look away.
second night, i turned around and stared at this guy
and he gave the super awkward expression, smile and nod at my stare.
i almost laughed. hahah
finale was great
shit, i forgot to msg letty
she left early and didnt get to join us for finale.
lao shi gave us all a stalk of flower, so sweet.
oh, our make-up was fantastic but removing it was a bitch.
all the glitter rubbing against our skin. it's like a scrub but much rougher than that.
ok, bye.

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