Tuesday, November 24, 2009


that's not my eye, that's my eld brother.
cause: soccer
detailed cause: head collision
injured and bleeding: 1. HAHAHHAHAA. which means only he bled.
i find this really sick, in the good way. once i saw this photo, i knew it had to be on my blog.
ya, it looks swollen and his eyes are of unequal shape now.

anws! going to play frisbee with dian and ys tommorrow
at cck park
cuz i really hate staying at home the whole time
since dian and ys were the only free ones
why not
the rest all have plans. lucky them

so my ans is: i prefer to be super busy.

the only productive thing i did today: vaccum and mopped floor. talked to melia on the phone for pretty long. SHE'S FINALLY BACKKKK
less stress. LOL

p.s: stupid same habit. new things just attract me.

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