Monday, November 9, 2009

walking disaster

not me, but i got it from a song. i don know what song but sounds cool
i also like lady gaga's new song called bad romance. if you have, send me? =] hehs
anws geog was bleh
like on fri and sat, i have totally NO mood at all to study
including sun morning
i was planning to go ballet but looking at my situation with geog, better not
i finally focused during late afternoon
i don know why. but ya it's finally over
i didnt manage to finish all my qns though=[. attempted all but left one or two paras for some qns.

anws, i finally got back my 'autograph' book cum diary today
and i was reading through all the sweet comments from my friends.
i felt like crying
i was laughing to myelf on the bus when i was reading the notes
damn funny!!!
9 out of 10 ppl would mention something bout me being a bimbo.
and better still, smart bimbo.
and some also relate me to ris low.
cuz in my diary, which i wrote when i was in pri school, i had this story when my car went BOOM. hahahaha, and amanda went to add a Z behind. thanks-_-
ya i was so touched by all the sweet msgs. gonna miss them so much.
after geog, i met my eld bro at sembawang shopping centre for lunch
we ate at subway.
then i showed him my diary and told him to read
like i spelt tiring as terioning
and "play cheat" as "play cesct"
just terrible
and i had a page where i bitch bout my pri sch friend
but the funny thing was, i was insulting her in the beginning but then started to scold myself in the end. saying it's a bad habit to bla blah.
anws, i didnt know alot of insults like bitch or slut when i was young so wasnt that bad. lol
anws, here's one small part of my diary
i didnt know i was so sick since young
if i had written the TV and agina really closely... hahahha. anws, agina's suppose to be again. LAUGH.
and omfg, you have to watch this video.
it's damn funny. especially in the middle
HAHAHAHHAHAAHHAA!!!!! i laugh like mad luh
watch watch watch, release stress=]

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