Sunday, November 29, 2009

two days of dance. i can fall apart right now

anws! went to play frisbee with ys, dian and nisa one afternoon
the sun is such an idiot k
ys say her whole body was red when she got home
mine's my face that was red. LOL
nvm, i look healthy
well, frisbee didnt last too long cuz the sun was killing me and we all pretty much sucked at it. dian was pretty good though.
then of cuz. cam-whore

i know the pictures are small. 70 plus more on fb=]
this is the album my image is ruined.
not in front of my friends but in front of online friends.
there's a difference!
i mean my friends all know im no where near demure.
back to dance!
went to learn the anyhow art dance on fri
i was super happy luh
cuz our dance soo nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love our dance
it's syf junior.
there are some syf steps inside.
aiya, im in love with my anyhow art dance
so cool
but im so annoyed with the ticket ordering
it's so tiring to ask ppl to confirm
i think i'll just go with the current 11. shit, im short of one person.
ok nvm, im sure i can find just one more.
my muscles are aching and i have a splitting headache
im not sure bout 2moro's plan
ballet then P.A/ ballet then new moon with clique
ballet then sims 2 at home.=]]]]]

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