Saturday, November 7, 2009


hally (i think it's spelt that way) has been coming to our house almost every night!
oh hally is cookie. the name wasnt really confirmed, but i guess hally's her real name
but ya
hally's breath stinks so much
let's see
it smells like fart and crap. i was actually carrying her and trying to take a picture [ like i always try to do with zen, but he's just too strong ] and her breath literally blew me away
anyways, i spent my whole saturday cleaning my room
it's so much more empty
i'll upload a few pictures on it next time
and i realize i keep so many things!
i have this habit of keeping things since young. im amazed by myself
i even have this tin of letters i used to write to people
and i also recalled having this angel when i was in pri school
but when i was in pri sch, there was no angel and mortal thing
she just started writing letters to me
i don know the exact reason but she's damn nice to me!
i just know her grandma lives either in my block or somewhere near my block
i cant believe i remembered that
yknow, i have a weird mind
i remember the slightest thing but sometimes those heavy stuff just does not register
maybe it's too heavy, so it got deposited first elsewhere. if you take geography and study rivers then you understand. HAHAHA
ya, oh oh! her name's esther... wait. im not sure
but ya. she was kinda like a half sister that i don really know.
shit shit shit, im losing it to study
i dont feel like im in the right mind to study now=[
pfffs i tried just now but like nothing really gets in
and i bet, ok maybe not.
i've officially completed my antm series, just waiting for the next episode to come out
im mad. seee, i told you not to start.
oh oh. i saw this two old man talking to each other on the train while going home the other day and they are strangers. but when i saw that, i was just filled with warmth. I DON KNOW WHY.
and i almost burst out laughing at my thought. but of cuz not, i just giggled to myself quietly like how i do when i listen to dan and young or muttons. LOL
ok! im suddenly feeling very excited
maybe o's ending that's why
oh i like the new song by rihanna and jesse james. don know the title but heck.
bye and 3 MORE PAPERS. WOO!

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