Sunday, November 22, 2009

super busy/super free. which is better

frisbee on sat. with kaimin, keziah, toon yang and samuel
1/4 sam, toon, seet, keziah, km. the guys took damnnnnnnnnn long to get keziah's name. HAHAHHA.
i dragged km and keziah along. THANKS FOR COMING!
i didnt know it was so serious luh
i thought it's just the play play type
they actually teach us how to hold the frisbee properly and they give us practice time somemore.
oh, still have warm up and all that. FREAKING SERIOUS.
but ya, the kuo chuan ppl are mostly nice.
very helpful tooo
yay, i like nice ppl who smiles at me.
like today i went to P.A. oh yeah, i told glenda that too.
smiley ppl makes me happy.HAHAHAH
i don know if they read my blog. MOST prolly not
but thanks for teaching noobs like us
toon and sam's frisbee damn straight luh. and the guys from kuo chuan, their frisbee is super strong.
kaimin got smacked in the face thrice. HAHHAA
i got smacked at the ankle bone. and 3 huge mozzie bites
but it was fun=]
thanks toon for your hat, thanks km and keziah for accompanying me, thanks sam for introducing this. yeah!
yup, after frisbee, we went to macs to eat fries. HHAHA, it was so retarded. toon keep telling us fries very fattening, ice-cream also. but he himself was eating mayo. like that's so much more fattening??! but he keep calling himself thin.HAHAHA. super retarded convo in macs
oh oh, got c.g's at the frisbee game. hehe [ it's okay if you dont know what c.g stands for ]
and today
ballet in the morning. my stamina sucks
then went down to P.A for more dancing.
totally drained all my energy
then rushed down to woodlands in the evening for pooch's farewelll meal!
waited damn long for everything
lynette say i'll bitch bout this
i purposely dont want
anws, i've alr done it on fb, kind of.
but aiya. it's just that they forgot to serve one drink and soup
we told the waiter and waitress countless times
it goes to show they don take it seriously and just ignore our request?
and then our food took damn long to come
vic's came only after we had all finished our food
cuz apparently, they didnt know she ordered that.
but all of us heard the waiter repeating our order and we heard vic's order too.
so yeah
when vic's order came
we ask the waiter for some thing
like if their service not good can get personal pan pizza
but i think the bitch ass manager told him to just ignore
fuck her.
and when she walk across the table i'll stare at her
she doesnt look at me but she look at my friends and glare at them
with such manager comes such waiters. but actually, i think the waiters are better.
yknow i don get it.
teenagers so what
we are still paying you money
we are giving you YOUR PAY
shouldnt you guys thank us and serve us better?!
i totally shouldnt have paid for the service charge
their service SUCKS LIKE HELL CAN
they don even have a feedback form
they gave us notepad to write our feedback-_-
what a joke
but we had alot to complain, so we just write down.
anws, bad dinner but awesome company!!
have fun in india pooch!=]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]
and im slacking at home 2moro
hahaha, fine, i lose. couldnt control ranting this stupid thing.
p.s: the restaurant is P.H. go figure out yourself

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