Thursday, November 19, 2009


amanda and me
sexy back. me and pei qi. HAHAH, i did this the entire night
i fav this picture. our hair are are flying.

ladies in blackthere are SO MANY more photos on fb btw.
but fb sucks!! my acc has some stupid problems.
i just cant seem to log in.
anws. i met kaimin and viven at stage, orchard ion, for hair and make-up first.
i couldnt recognize them luh!!!
i was so worried i got the wrong person
anws, those who are having their prom
stage does hair and make-up for 60 bucks, excluding faux lashes. so if you dont wanna pay extra money, about 12 bucks, for the lashes, you can bring your own. that's what i did!=] smart me.
so yeah, went to the toilet to change into my costume [ wouldnt call it my prom dress. LOL ]
kaimin helped me with my corset. THANK YOU!
took damn long cuz she didnt know if she's supposed to zip or buckle.
finally done and walked back to stage
i felt kinda embarrassed walking in orchard ion in that attire.
keziah did hers first then me
well, i didnt quite like the eye make-up for myself.
i mean it's nice but it's so damn thick. LOL
i don know.
then walked to mandarin meritus [whatever the spelling is]
and once again, humiliated
after reaching, finally felt at ease cuz everyone's all dressed up
feel less like a prost.
then took loads of photos, interviews. i hate interviews. i have nth to say
and when i answer, they look at me like im an idiot.
and i realize pageants are not my thing either
i don really like going on stage and answering politically correct ans.
but omg, IMAN ROCKED HER QN! i was laughing like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHHAHA.
but thanks to those who were so supportive
i still got a 10 bucks swensons voucher. HAHAH
oh my qn was: who do you admire most?
something like that
i wanted to suck up and say ms peggy song, but i have NO idea what she does.
and well, mrs eugenia lim also can but i don know what to say either.
so i said i admire myself for getting the whole outfit under 100 bucks. and admire mrs chia for organizing such an awesome prom night for us. cliche. =]
well, the highlight of the night was the dance part
they should have made it longer!
crescentians are potential clubbers. i remember my senior telling me that last year too. HAHAHAH.
yeah we rocked the mini dance floor
we took out our heels too cuz it was killing our feet
after prom, they shooed us out and we roamed orchard
an ang moh guy told us ' you look beautiful ladies' HAHAA. we should dress up like this more often!
i couldnt stay over at keziah's house so after taking a few more random photos and videos
got a cab and went home
oh cuz our prom was live streaming, so i read what the juniors said.
HAHAH, yeah i also thought that the lucky draw was scammed
4C1, 4C1, 4G1, 4C1, 4S1, 4C1, 4C1.
you get what i mean. 80% went to 4C1.
mo and pooch were damn annoyed. HAAH
and the juniors also said stuff like 'omg, why they all put make-up. i'll just wear jeans to go' or something.
i think that's extremely retarded. it's prom dudettes?!
but if you wanna wear jeans and 'be yourself and be comfortable' while all your friends look fcking awesome, be my guest. it's the night you paid for and the night to have fun and the night to look stunning. well, maybe they MIGHT understand when they grow up
HAHAH and glenda!!!!
i think your sis was in the chat log too. hhahhahaha
so cute.
alright. meeting dancers 2moro and chingay prac at night.=/
night ppl.

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