Monday, November 16, 2009

edited!! my story continues in this post.
i keep delaying this post cuz i was waiting for fb to upload my pictures first and then put the link here, but it keeps failing on me so heck.

END OF O'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it's like a huge rock lifted from my body. awesome=] but now, i have 2 other huge rocks on my body. tell you bout it later.
ya and we went to watch 2012 after our paper ended.
pei qi and aishah cried like MADDDDDDDD. like almost thoughout the whole story.
but i didnt cry, it was just a really good movie
you guys should go catch it and see how it's like when our earth expires. lol
then after the movie, we went to far east to pierce our ears. me and mo pierced on our left ear at the top. dian did her second piercing on her ear lobe and amanda did her first, but after walking to the shop 5 times. HHAHAA
SO CUTE. but i understand her fear. i was damn scared when i saw mo pierced her ear. her whole body just jerked.
but when i was anticipating the pain to come, it didnt.
when they actually pierced the hole, i felt nothing at all. after like 2, 3 seconds then i felt the pain. but it wasnt that painful. totally tolerable. so if anyone wants to pierce your ears and had never done it before like amanda, go do it! if i can take the pain, which i usually cant, so can you. only 6 bucks per hole at 77th street. or like what passer tag in my board, if you're on budget, go to the shop that starts with X or something. ground level at far east. =]

MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
met pooch at sembawang mrt and made our way down to ecp
we were late cuz we started waiting for the bus, 401, but it never came..... so we took a cab instead.
met the clique at macs and had breakfast. i totally forgot to bring out that day, so was damn broke.
we went to rent roller blades. only me and keziah roller bladed, the rest cycled.
haaahah, they didnt want to overtake the birthday girl so they were all jammed up at the back.
they're damn retarded!!! we wanted to take a group photo and they were all spotting cute guys to take for us. AHAHHAA
in the end, we asked a woman that has been near us the whole time to take for us. -_-
pictures are more interesting, after i upload them on stupid fb.
yup, then we went to return the stuff
went back to macs and they screamed a birthday song. HAHAHAHA. thanks=]
some ppl left after and the remaining was me, peiqi, kanice and vic.
we just kept eating!!
i swear they're trying to make me grow fat.
after eating something at macs
we went to this jap restaurant to eat.
we wanted to go to orchard to watch a movie so we were finding a bus stop.
then suddenly kanice blindfolded me and we took a cab to somewhere
i kept talking and talking but after 10min when i realize no one was gonna reply me, i just slept
and when we reached, it's mo mo's house.
except lynette goh. HAHHAA
but not bad, your acting all improved
i totally didnt expect it to be like that.
thank you!!!
then we watch the sister's keeper.
i thought it'll be damn touching luh, maybe cuz i wasnt in a cinema, but it's still a nice movie.

ok ok, i've got to go out to meet keziah now
i still have chingay prac at night!!
might continue when i get back.
ok i shall continue here=]
yup but the thing that got in the way while watching the movie was my contacts. it was so dry so i kept blinking my eyes and it was so annoying.
after the movie
mo suggested to go down for a walk
and ya, amanda suggested to go and 'see the pool'
when we reached there, yh was there. and i saw 3 of his friends running damn fast away and hiding behind some wall-_-
quite retarded, but it's them so nvm. hahahha
yup, thanks for the card and inedible seaweeds! lol
his friends are seriously freaking retarded. hahah, i told them there are chio bu's in my clique but they dont wanna meet them, their loss. LOL
then we went back up and chilled in MO's room. ahahah
i like that kind of we-are-all-in-one-small-cosy-room feeling.
and last of all, thank you guys for everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
not just my birthday, but for making my life so fun and filled with love.

met melia and xiu to go P.A to initially discuss something
but when we got there, lao shi told us to dance
but all 3 of us were not wearing dance attires but heck.
hahaha, now my muscles are aching like mad!!!!!!!!!
even the muscles at my throat are aching
anws, it's the first time i went to the new P.A
it's so cool
btu xiu knocked her head while walking below the stairs.
see luh, phone is your nemesis. but it sounded damn pain
we intended to go at 3 and go back home at 5 but we stayed till 7 plus
dance is just too cool??!!!???? hahahahahhaha cant wait to go back next week.
p.s: thank you bimbo and xiu for taking the retarded photo with me=] hehs

i got my heels!!! love it love it love it
and collected my prom dress.
nth much to say for this day. just shop shop shop
and lynette goh huimin looks super different!
she's like almost as girly as me now?!?!? so strange! but it's good=]]]]]]
shock ppl tonight. LOL

i still cant upload pictures on fb. wth. i don know why
it's a performance, not just purely dancing.
there are acting and alot of other things
it's a free and funny performance.
and im performing!!!=]]
the first item=]
so if you wanna watch
it's on 19dec and 20dec. you can go for either one day. and ticket price is 10 bucks.
it's at P.A, near lavender MRT.
pls let me know![ through email or fb or tag board, your choice! ] and come down and support me. hahha. it'll be a good show!!!!

it's prom tonight!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhh
my dad has actually allowed me to stay over at keziah's house
but my mum didnt
now my mum has successfully brainwashed my dad and dont allow me to stay over anymore. i don understand why!?!!!??!
my mum say even if i have a bf next time, i also cant stay over at his place.
like wth, i was sooooooo looking forward to staying over with my friends. =[
it's like staying overnight is a totally diff thing then just hanging out with them.
so i'm aniticipating class chalet so much now.

oh the two other rocks refer to chingay and anyhow art.

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