Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i just came back from lunch
i felt so happy yesterday when i thought everything would be settled and stuff but today. bleh.
can never expect too much and just adapt to changes.
just hope everything would turn out smoothly
anws, our prom would have this lame live streaming thing where you can watch on the net
but i THINK it's only for crescentians
i know some might think it's cool and all
but i was telling my mum just now
and she agrees it's dumb
it's the time for us, SEC 4s, only
and with a camera there, there's a high chance that we wont act like ourselves.
and we waited 4 years for this to happen
and this year, the juniors get to see how it's like. it just wont be the same for them. unfair to us as well.
and some ppl who would only want to be seen in a dress and make-up by their friends will feel..
nvm, im just venting my frustrations on this stupid thing.

anws, my moonwalk at orchard road.

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