Monday, November 30, 2009

bitch post

firstly, i shall blog bout this idiot [ a guy, prolly 20 plus ]
i was on the train and it was kinda emtpy
but the seats were all filled up
so i was standing in the middle of the cart
and i was holding on to the handle, in front of the pole which is in the middle of the cart as well.
so like if i move any more in front, i would hit the person sitting down
and i have been standing there for like 15 stops
then suddenly this idiot stood behind me, beside the pole, facing the other direction.
so there's a hell lot of space in front of him
and his bag kept hitting mine
and he kept turning around and stare at me
not just once, so many times. actually, whenever our bag collides
i don know why he had to stand right behind me when there was a hell ot of space around him
i didnt want to move cuz i had been in that position for damn long

oh to add something, his voice is the most annoying noise i've ever heard
he sounds like a girl. plus his voice would crack after finishing each sentence. it's damn annoying!!!!
i swear a few ppl look at him as they thought he had a weird voice
oh and i saw the reflection of him from the windows
then he kept turning back and look at my bag
like, not my problem can
and he freaking PURPOSELY PUSH MY BAG
he used his and pushed mine!!?!?!!?!?!?!
and i lost balance
he used damn alot of strength
im so not exaggerating
he did not just pushed once
he pushed so many times but i refused to budge, duh
there was once i stared back at him
he was wearing this pink specs
no, not the frame but the glasses.
fcking ugly idiot. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
pissed the hell out of me
i couldnt tahan so i called keziah and complain
ahahha, those sitting down kept looking at me
but that guy walked away when i called keziah.

next it's about my mum.
it's after O's....
i had studied so hard for 2 months
now, i cant go out. no wait, if i go out she gets angry
so you would rather i stay at home and do nothing
i will find a job, eventually
but now im busy with dance
i know you find it lame and all
i didnt even say that bout your photography job
you totally don support me in dance
only for ballet.
im upset because i've look forward to the end of o levels, relaxing but now i have to slack at home and do nothing which is pure torture.
not like i go out everyday!
so what, i've worked hard for nothing? shouldnt i reward myself.
ok, i should stop the bitch post here
anws, on a lighter note, joey, my mortal, came to collect some books
hahha, she got off the wrong stop and had to walk quite a distance
i can finally throw my stuff away
went for chingay after that. it felt so long.
and my mum was pissed i had chingay practice.
i already told her that after o's, my holidays would be packed with dance

oh!!! i actually have alot to blog bout today.
went to school to collect anyhow art dance costume and to practice dance.
once again, my mum was unhappy bout me doing dance again.
then went for lunch with the dancers
i was soooo excited i'll have shaker fries when i upsize my value meal
but when i reached the counter
it was 3 o clock and the offer was off
wtf. so unfair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
but in the end melia and xiu didnt use finish their seaweed powder so i still had shaker fries! lol.
yay. so ya, after that, the train incident occur.


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