Saturday, October 3, 2009


im finally uploading photos again. i think it has been long since i uploaded photos from my phone
cuz my new com didnt have photoshop the other time, so i couldnt resize my photos.
i went to my cousin's house today
next week's her wedding!!!! i know i said last week that this week's her wedding.
well, calculated wrongly. and was too lazy to change it. LOL
yeah, pretty psyched for it=]

anyhow, babies are always centre of attraction
and i realize im not very good at babies
i don like to talk to them in the act cute manner. for exmaple, ' yes? what do you want. mam mam. bom chak bom chak' if you haven been in contact with a baby and an auntie, you probably wouldnt know.
maybe i'll change when i grow older
yeah and when i came home
my neighbour was holding this party where she invited her church friends and cousins
so me and my eld bro joined in

it's was so fun i swear
we chatted about almost anything.
they're really close to their cousins, because they're around the same age. jealous
my mum's side have no female cousins
dad's side all like marraigeable age. the closest is 19.=] amanda.

yup, pictures from past and present.

today. they just hate to take photos. pfffs
HAHHAHAA, so i do it alone.

career day. went home with joce that day and chatted like hell. =]]]] we sat down at the star bucks in woodlands library. [ our heels were killling us that day ]
BROWNIE! [ the day that old auntie didnt allow me to go in to watch 'the ugly truth'. boomz her man. ]
some random day. oh oh met kaimin this day
what the boomz. i know the sun is free, but these equipment arent.

DANCE PHOTOS!! i circled my hand cuz i realize i look like im making a shape of a mooncake instead of a heart-shape =/
champion seminar. hopefully the photos from the other few cam cams would be uploaded soon. very nice photos=] love the gift they gave us. creative and really cute
coming back after meeting up kaimin
im feeling extremely guilty now
haven finish half my hw. wtfish
good night. pimples will all pop out if i don sleep. =]

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