Friday, October 16, 2009


cookie! falling asleep while making cookie fall asleep. how cute! haha
oh yesterday me, pei qi and dian TRIED to go to bras basah
missed a stop and woah, what a journey
but it was fun walking and walking and walking..
oh wait, it was yong hwee's birthday yesterday
happy birthday!
and it's amanda's (cousin) birthday today!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and i forgot to reply her msg
anws back to topic
ya i mistook a rickshaw uncle for an ice cream man
and he came to us and ask if we wanted a ride
10 bucks?!?! wth
i never knew it was so ex.
but still took a picture with that old uncle
pictures are on fb
thanks to dian, photographer=]
she's always the photographer
oh but she was sick today
i think yesterday worn her out
oh yes, we finally found that place after ages
we still wanted to ask tourists for directions
i mean like purposely go ask them
well wanted, but didnt. we 3 were damn retarded and tired at the same time
gave yh his card on my way home
and last night i had a mass convo
it was really entertaining
i shall not sabo anyone here. i don even know why you ppl call it sabo-_-
and today
went to macs for hot fudge after dinner with my eld bro and mum
my mum's fcking senior colleague sucks like madddd
i hate hate hate hate her
i cant ppl who dont know they are in the wrong and still act like they're some big shot
that woman is exactly like that
like if you're so old alr, why do you still need to look good on the web and drag it on for so long..
ok nvm, long story
but just know that i hate that woman
and then we started talking bout our temper
i think i have the worst temper at home
well it was much worse when i was younger
i dont really vent my anger when im with my friends
except like those service things, i'll just keep complaining. LOL
in DA GENES. yup
i absolutely hate it when ppl tell me to change my attitude and stuff
but my mum say that these are the ppl who care
fine i cant deny that
but they say that at the wrong time
like if you're feeling freaking emo or angry and you say this kind of things to me
that's like adding fuel to the fire!
forget it.
next and last topic
i realize that IF my family were to find another cat and decide to keep it
i want it to come as a new born baby
like maybe 1 or 2 day old
i dont want one that is alr half grown
i want to play with a cat when it's really young and grows up with me
the feeling is just different when you play with a cat that's half grown
i prefer small animals.

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