Monday, October 12, 2009


my neighbour had just adopted this new cat they found on the ground floor a few days ago
recently, alot of cats had been around my area.
like on my cousin's wedding day, when i opened my door, a black and white cat was outside!
like on level 16?!?!
it's crazy
and it was so small and weak
but my dad didnt approve so we send him down to level one via the lift

anws, back to the new cat
it reminds me so much of zen
it's such a weird feeling
im just very scared it'll end up like zen one day
zen used to run out of our house and into my neighbour's house
that new cat just did the same
just that, it hasnt entered our house yet
i've played with it
it's character is just like zen!
very playful
and the colour combination is so beautiful
just like zen
i don know if i should be happy or sad
there's just that thinking behind my head that it MIGHT end up like zen
i pray with all my might it wouldnt
cuz im already starting to love that cat.

joe black was always hostile to strangers, so i wasnt that close to him
but this cat, i think they name it cookie, is so friendly
i don know if anyone can relate to what im feeling
this cat is special, i just know it.
i kinda fell in love with it the moment i saw it

bless you, cookie

p.s: zen was my previous cat... who fell off the 16th floor last year

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