Wednesday, October 14, 2009

i didnt realize but my previous post was my 1111st post! woo

anws~ i brought cookie [the new cat i talked about] to our house to play today
after an hour i think
we couldnt find her
i think she still dont know her name
so she doesnt respond to it at all
she just disappeared!
i last saw her in my mum's room and the window was open
we searched for damn long before my brother said "we have to go down to find"
i was so scared
i kept rubbing my fingers
i kept muttering to myself for cookie to appear
my brother went down and i called him to see if he found her
he said no. PHEWWWWW
so i went outside to search for her
then when my bro came back up, cookie ran out of nowhere!
i was damn happy. because firstly, she didnt die a horrible death like zen and she's not our cat.
but yes, my lil bro slept while stroking her. hahha
i have the pictures but post it up another time

yes crescent.
i realized i haven blogged bout farewell assembly
well, it pretty much sucked
honestly, the atmosphere and everything quite not there
i only cried when pei qi tell me all the emo things
she is influential.
i don think i can put my life in cgs into a short para
but i can sit down and tell you bout it for 3 hours!
HAHAH. whatever, let's try.

sec 1
year of geek-looking ppl.
we all came to school with 1/3 proportion . 1/3 being the sch uni and 2/3 the sch skirt.
shy, innocent, childish
scared of seniors and always embarrassing ourselves
like how i almost walked into a guy's toilet.
oh and dance
i guess sec 1 was the year my batch was the most disciplined
running at every slight sound
super super alert
we were all damn scared of the seniors
i remember we kept saying this senior very fierce but she's actually very nice
or which one very pretty yada yada, the usual
oh and not to forget, the year where i had plenty of eye candies.

sec 2
the ah lian year
we learn bout short skirts, fold shirt, invisible socks
oh, plus short hair.
the year where we start to learn all these new things and try to blend with the seniors
but as a senior now, if i see a junior with DAMN short skirt, first thing that comes to my mind is "bitch".
i would alr dislike her and would bitch with my friends. haha
but yeah, we all have our past
oh yes, the year i start to get really sick-minded and talk to guys
oh and msging in class! yeah, started from that year onwards
plus when ppl start insulting me on my tag board. oh, worst year in my 4 years.
but i definitely gained alot
new hair cut that year, help to change my personality too
sec 2 was a long year for me. but it was damn fun
dance gathering, 11 turned up?
we had the whole hall to ourselves
i wondered how we did it! lol
took loads of epic photos and videos! OMG. those crazy videos. the barbie dance. hahah
i would definitely miss those times

sec 3
the year everything calms down
in sec 2, i just tried to be popular. lol, stupid childish thing
but sec 3, such things just doesnt appeal to me anymore
however, the year insecurity sets in
"im fat, im ugly, im gross, im all the negative things"
yes this year was the year where confirmation was needed
but this was also the year where the friends i made were really awesome
including all my classmates
the teachers treated us with more respect, i totally loved that
being an upper sec was just a totally different feeling, and i love that authority
but sec 3 was also the year some shit happened with the discipline com through email. cried like mad over that thing.
i just know i enjoyed everyday in sec 3
it was just so fun!
and i remember lynette asking me this "i don understand how you can stain your skirt"
HAHAHA, cuz i stained my skirt consecutively on two days.
oh and all the jamming session we had in class
and the 'superman' song we always sang. oh the good times.
but dancers from my batch, we know it ourselves. lol

sec 4
The best year of my life
insecurities were gone
we all became more comfortable with one another and heck what others think
this year, our class was so awesome
i love 4G1, the most supportive class ever. that is why we won class of the year award!!!=]]]
the share a thought skit in sec 3 - first
the national day thing - first
haha, we rock
and my clique~~~!!!!
they. are. wonderful. ppl
i enjoyed every single time we do a surprise birthday party for anyone in our clique
everyone is so different but we love each other for who we are
whether you're sick-minded [ like me ], always hungry [ like lynette ] or mean [ like pei qi ].
yeah, i cant say more, they are the boomz
dance. AYG
i really didnt know i'll cry so much after AYG ended
i was really sad i guess
but dance had taught me things that i probably wouldnt learn elsewhere
lao shi had taught me the most amazing things

i have definitely matured from the scrawny blur girl in sec 1
im glad i did
but i don know if i had graduated being a lady. HAHAHA
i think most crescentians are pretty cho lo [ unglam ]
you'll see when you go to jc. all the girls from mixed sec sch would be much more demure than us.
for e.g: we tend to fold our skirts inwards before sitting down and it'll be quite short at the sides ( comment from my brother. LOL )
im looking forward to move on to JC [ partly cuz of guys=) HAHA. jk jk ] but the memories i had in CGS will always be in my heart.
SO GROSS!! this is freaking cliche. yuck yuck
forget bout that.
i never regretted waking up an hour earlier just to travel to sch.
this sch rocks because of my friends.
i'll miss you!

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