Saturday, October 10, 2009


hahha, and to my clique: MY WEDDING!!!

my mum haven uploaded the pro pro pictures
so here are pictures from the small cam
there are more pictures on fb=]
dillon, justin[ he has that korean droopy eyes. ye jing will totally go crazy luh! lol ] me. cousins=]

amanda and me=]
ah ma, me, da gugu
princesses. i can sense alot of 'WTH' faces. no luh, i was referring to my email. those who have it knows. lol
kuan yi! i was so shock when i saw her. small world man. her mum's friend is the groom's friend i think.
the emcee [ one of the brothers too ]
me and ethan. i had to bend down really low. hah
cousins, bride's brothers. the guy with the hat had to leave for his army at 10. so sad=[ but at least he made it for his sisters wedding. they're damn close, jealous.

the couple!! AHHAAH. i only have one good shot with me though
at the groom's house

yay, im damn tired
today had been great
i realized i haven blogged for damn long
but anws, o levels are coming so not many ppl will read my blog.
but yeah, stilll my online diary
hopefully the video montage we made was nice
i think i might upload it on fb
everything also fb. lol.
after the wedding, this guy wanted to talk to me
i was quite scared at first
cuz i know i dont look 16. later he's some old working guy
but he's 20. so not that old. i dont know how he's related to the couple though
didnt ask. i only told him to add me on fb. see! FB again!
anyhow i think make-up is wonderful!
i helped amanda put make up this morning=]
my aunties all praised me, they say i should be a make-up artist (part-time)
and the brothers are so crazy!
one of them was partially drunk
and i was laughing at what he was saying
then he said "mei nu, bu yao xiao wo. wo hen ai ni"
which means 'hey pretty girl, dont laugh at me. i love you'-_-
and when i left the resort after taking my bag
he asked if i wanted to drink!!!
so it goes to show that he thinks im of age to drink alr
and he's like 30 plus or more i think
he wanted my number too!!!.-_-!!! haha
of cuz i didnt give
k yes, im soooo tired
good night world.

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