Friday, September 18, 2009

Van der Waals

my laptop is really dead
and my parents are not gonna pay another 300 bucks to revive it i guess, since the desktop is alr on the way... it'll arrive on 2nd oct, according to my mum
OH OH OH! my new tv is here alr though. it's huge, but i don think it's as big as pei qi's. LOL! pei qi's tv is damn big. totally like a mini cinema.

yay! it's the last paper for prelims
oh man, i think i really studied a lot for my prelims. I THINK
the paper that made me feel the most stress was ss
i felt that i was falling into depression!

ok what rubbish
anws, after the paper today
i saw glenda, khim moh and jieying at the traffic light
so i started teasing glenda bout something
then suddenly jieying asked and told me something so shocking and 'funny'
i think my mouth was opened damn big, but she say she'll check out first. in case it's like a story that was build up over time by rumors.
it always happens!
we went to lido to watch white out
it's a really really good show
it has a mixture of everything
it has good graphics, heart-pounding actions, is funny, gory at some minor parts.
i had really low expectations of it at first but it turned out to be a really good film!
the main actress has a hot body. hahhaa

yep and we're going to Changi airport tomorrow! awesome
and my stomach's still aching
since phys paper which is 2 days ago
it feels bloated
idk why!
damn it, it's freaking annoying. i feel so uncomfortable
maybe i should sleep early.
good night!
i'll write more and post pictures tomorrow, if my hp mini allows that.

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