Sunday, September 6, 2009

omg i was listening to heal the world by MJ last night
im in love with his voice
it's like in the beginning of the song
the crowd keeps cheering and i thought the song would be quite muffled
but when he sings
his voice seems to clear all those muffled sounds
'for you and for me and the entire human race'
i like touch my hand by david archuleta too
though i thought it sounded quite 80s at first
i liked it in the end still

ok my previous post was weird i know
i cant wait to tell my friends on mon
it's so good to have friends
AHHAA. what a stupid statement
i have to be very careful when i blog
ppl will twist my words or maybe they just misinterpret things
anws, i've gotten over that after last night's sleep with MJ'S song. teehee
oh i had dupper last night
dinner and supper
had it around 10. yeah.... and i had a craving for B & J's ice cream!!!
pei qi.... bring us there some day again. HAHHAA
had my dupper at HK cafe
their papaya soup is SUPER delicious i swear
i think it's good for girls too...... if yknow what i mean. *lifts eyebrow. HAHAHA.
ok damn it damn it
i should really start studying
i keep thinking there's still so long
even lynette tell me online that it's always me that's only online or something
p.s: homecoming was so fast and quite fun. haha. that i cant get over yet.

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