Tuesday, September 8, 2009

long whiny post. but more personal
ugh. im so annoyed by so many things. im a very troubled girl

i think im very confusing
sometimes, i can be read like a book.
sometimes, i beat around the bush so you dont really know what i'm thinking.
sometimes i just say what i feel at that moment.
sometimes i hide it.
ok, maybe most ppl are like that? idk
anyhow, some ppl just don know their limits!
this is a totally diff situation from what i was blogging bout a few days back
well i just need to say, you still need to respect us.

and and and
different ppl have different points of view
i absolutely hate it when ppl tries to force theirs ON ME
or they might say it indirectly
like they will insult you in the midst of talking bout their own view point
to make yours seems so stupid and lousy
hello, you're not Einstein so shut it

oh anws
met up with the usual 6 for lunch today=]]]]]
oh man, we just kept eating and eating and more eating
we went to cathay to eat at aston
then we ended up at P.S at some jap restaurant
in the middle, i ate auntie annie's that bread thingy
melia and xiu ate chippy's cheesy chicken, i ate a little too
and they also ate ice cream. wah... fat fat fat
yeah we wanted to watch DANCE FLICK. (NC16)
but was rejected. cuz why? our birthdays are not here yet
ok, i alr talked bout that on fb so i shall shuddup here
go like my status if you agree. hahaha

oh before that
me and xiu went to cotton on. our fav cheap place
then we went into the dressing room together
suddenly this guy ask us to come out
he says he needs to check our bags
hahha, just nice, xiu bought this scarf from cotton on. but she said she got it from there but it's her.
so yeah, he said ok
i hate it when ppl accuse me for something i never do
THOUGH i know they're doing their job but it just sucks and makes me pissed

ok i think i talk more on my blog than in reality
i have no idea why.
recently i don talk alot
whenever i wanna talk, others would just interrupt. so yeah, i leave it there
they dont ask me to continue either so it only means that they werent really listening anws.
i had a long talk with glenda today though. hahaha
bout uh huh. ahhhhaa. SO SWEET LUH!!!!! i can see a happy future for you, glenda!!=]]

p.s: im too gullible. (i realized that through keefe. you're the culprit. haha) i should start thinking that the world is a sad place and GENUINE people are rare. i know some ppl might actually wish to listen to my troubles as they claim but sometimes i prefer to keep them to myself, not because you're not a good friend.

SEE! this is such an emo and personal post. omg, wth's wrong with me

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