Friday, September 11, 2009

is it possible to be jealous of a guy's looks?
well, i am. HAHAH
yknow wilson thong from the campus superstar.
it's okay if you forgotten. just go facebook and type his name
he is damn good-looking luh
i was actually looking at my friend's fb profile when i saw him in his picture
oh i think he's in dance [hawt]
so i clicked on his name and wala, got to his profile and saw his many many photos
he looks so good in all of them!
no matter which angle!
his smile is so nice, so are his eyes
he looks prettier than some girls too. ppl that likes korean idols MIGHT like him too.
i know i so weird
im jealous of his features!

like my lil bro! he has damn good features, but he don like to take care of his face.
pimples pop pop pop. if he did, he'll totally charm all the girls in school. hahaha
but as long as his fishes are with him, he wouldnt care if any girl like him or not.

anws, we went for the comex fair today
woohoo!! we bought a new desktop and tv~~
but no camera. damn it.
oh we had this luggage as a freebie when we bought the tv
and we had to push it whereever we went cuz we didnt want to carry a huge box

but it's really sleek! it's like reddish orange with silvery sides.
oh i have a picture of it, but it's not clear at all. HAHAHA
oh we redeemed an electronic toothbrush-_-

after walking forever
oh wait wait!
i saw alot of C.G today at comex. hahhaha. one good thing

after that, we walked to the bak ku teh shop 'nearby'
i need to jog. i cant stand my chubby face.
i know my face looks slimmer here. i liquified it. those using photoshop would know what's that. teeeheeee
oh yes, me pretending to be an air stewardess. yeah that's the luggage we received. told you it's blur. hahaha.

i haven bathe yet. hahahah.
oh i want a flat iron! cant let my long hair go to waste. must curl it and have fun before i cut it off.
p.s: shit i forgotten my p.s. oh oh! after 1 min, i recalled. i want farewell to come quick. i cant wait to cry my lungs out. i think it's healthy to cry once in a while. =]

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