Saturday, September 12, 2009

i used to think smit was weird when she said she liked herself sweaty
now i agree

after dance that day
i totally enjoyed myself being all dirty and sweaty
and i had natural blush somemore, so good. heh heh

such a cool shot!! haha
pei qi lousy. HAHAHHA. look at kanice! she jumped so high. and yes, she's the lightest, maybe that's why. LOL
i went to jog my usual cycling track
i don know why, i feel less tired jogging there
or maybe because i was thinking about certain things, distraction
but, i didnt see any snake this time. eh wait, did i mention bout seeing a snake?
OMG!! i didnt! yay!!!! i love to share stories (just not more than 5 times)

anws, i was cycling last week but i felt super tired
so when going up this slope, i got down my bike to push it up
but after getting down, i turned back to see if anyone is jogging my way so i can give way
then after that, i looked back in front
i just totally freeze there (was it a lizard? no way, it moved way too fast and has no legs)
like woah, i saw a snake
imagine if i continued cycling. [as my friends know, im kinda blind w/o my specs]
i might just cycle over the snake!
my lil bro told me he saw a snake before too, but i didnt really care much and wasnt too impresses bout it
but seeing a snake myself, alone, with just trees and cars around me, it felt so surreal
at first i was freaked out
i quickly push my bike up the slope [ and look back to check if it followed me]
and whatever long thing i saw [like branches] afterwards, i freak out.
but after 5mins? i felt so amazed. like woohoo, im so brave

ok nvm
after that, i went to this exercising pit to do sit ups
after 10mins or so
i heard this ball-kicking sound
i thought maybe some kids were kicking ball nearby
then it got closer and closer
and it suddenly rolled in front of me
i turned around to see if they are coming to collect it
but no one was there
i thought maybe it dropped from the second level and the person's taking a lift down to collect it
so i continued doing for another 5-10mins?
and still, no one came to collect it
i didnt even dare to take a picture of it
i just quickly cycled home

yeah yeah, i cant believe i forgot to blog bout this.
im catching the pei qi disease
recently, i kept saying you suck to my brothers and sometimes to my mum.. oops.