Thursday, September 10, 2009


you, are desirable and amazing
you are so nice to me all the time, and that makes me want to cuddle you
let's get engaged!
=]]]]]]]]this ___ is a very important part of my life=]
without you, i'll just emo everyday
aww i love you, been so long since i get in touch with you

yes it's you, DANCE
hahaha, what a lame intro
anws, after a math remedial today
oh man, i always feel damn stupid and lousy after it
cuz they always ask and give super hard qns during the remedial.
make me lose confidence
and mrs tan say a math paper 2 would be harder. PFFFFSSSS=//

oh wells, after that depressing remedial
we were suppose to just go there for like a few min to give things
but in the end, me and xiu stayed till 4 and the rest went off to lunch
it's so so so fun, i miss it so much
and the first thing lao shi said when he saw me? he said i grew fatter
HAHHAHA. OH MAN, ok he just motivated me to jian fei
we danced SYF, AYG and so many
i forgot some alr. so paisheh. hahaa
they bring back so much memories.
im so grateful for being in this batch though
we had so much opportunities
now, like.... it's getting lesser and lesser.
and we finally get to sit with lao shi for lunch. AHHAHA.
wooo, i think i might lose 0.1kg just now.

okay, i had my fun, it's time to study

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