Monday, September 21, 2009

i had a mixture of dreams last night

i dreamt me and my brothers went to this new school in japan
and while taking the train there
there was this famous mafia group or something?
but they were still like youngsters
and the leader's called aviator. i don know why k
and he's really really cute
i don know how he looks like but he is cute
and their school is humongous
omg, i saw my sch mates and classmates there as well!
like our whole school shifted there?

and suddenly me and my family were being evacuated to some place
and we were walking to the aeroplane
and the aeroplance is really huge!!!!
and there are 4 decks. yknow now the biggest plane is only double decker.
yeah, imagine how big that is.

and lastly, i dreamt i went fishing with ivandy and this HK actress which is my damn good friend and her beau which is ivandy's friend
like wth, where did all this thing come from!
and we caught all the fishes with our bare hands
we caught alot alot alot of fishes and a sotong

ok, going to OCC with my mum for my cousin's wedding rehearsal later. =]

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