Saturday, September 5, 2009

i don know why my post started with this sweeping floor photo. HAHAHAA

practising to be ms ho
me and kai min
and ms ho doesnt believe she always do that. (pointing to her head action)
enjoy phys lessons. (im not sure if i've uploaded any of these pictures alr but they always make me smile)
i just realized i haven uploaded these pictures!! good bye hafriz [ sweet-giver ] and no, the 'sweet' is not an adj. HAHAHA
my chi teacher (photographer) told me to not smile until so formal so we did this instead. lol
and ta-da!!!! welcome teachers!!
trixy, audrey, xi mian, pooja, jia yue, me, mo mo!ms ng, mr tan (and his wife, gwen, my poster.), mrs chia, mr chng, mrs tan, ms ho and ms chia!
blending with the teachers
hi mr chng and ms ho=]]]]
ok i can finally start on my real post of TODAY
so as you know, i went for cat high's homecoming alone
read previous post for reason

i was actually gonna meet jocelyn after going for the home coming but nvm, didnt in the end
so amazingly, i stayed there for so long
but this year was more interesting than last year's [ for various reasons ]
i went there around 11 i think
then we went opposite their sch to play frisbee
eh i thought i would do super badly at it
and they would go 'wlao, this girl so lousy. shit she's on my team'
but hey hey, i think i did not bad
OR maybe they're just giving in.....
during the first round ( never knew they had rules for frisbee)
i was like a bit blur, i didnt quite know who was on my team
but after that it wasnt that bad
frisbee's quite fun actually
ok after like 3 rounds, me and yh went back to cat high for drinks
yay!! i got all the drinks and food for free
then another thing that highlights my day was meeting two gays
keefe me joshua
the dots on them are stamps, not some disease
attention seeking. hahaa, but it was very fun to see pri sch student whistle at them.
and while walking with 3 of them
keefe kept complimenting himself ( to his friends that walked past )
it's super -_-
then they finally changed back to normal clothes, but with that ballon on their head still
me and yh went for the haunted house later on
cuz the gays went alr so me and him went with some pri sch kids instead
they're pretty noisy
i told them i'm yh's sister
and they ask me what's my surname
i said tan
so they started calling me the 'TAN GIRL' throughout the whole haunted hosue journey
i thought they were pretty cute at first
but once we stepped into that dark place
it was..... just totally diff case
they scare me more than the darkness
they kept stepping on my toes!!!!
and they kept screaming
and they kept waving the light sticks in my face and go 'oh you're the tan girl!'
and they just distracted me from the eerie atmosphere
oh i saw htet maw and maycia there
but i didnt see anyone from crescent my age.
saw jun wei and caleb too
we just ended up sitting at the canteen table, 'talking'
well they talk, i listen
diff topics, they kept talking bout their teachers
i think i was super quiet. gross
i wanted to do the 'world' joke
but i think they would give just me the weird stare..
oh one last thing
guys always laugh among themselves
it happened during my pri sch gathering too
it's no wonder ppl say we come from venus and they come from mars

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