Saturday, September 19, 2009

damn it

my desk top isnt coming today
my mum say maybe she heard wrongly.

i didnt get to watch the ugly truth because of the fucking 'you're not 16 yet ( though it's only 2 months away )' reason.
im technically 16 alr!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant stand this kind of inflexible assholes
idiot idiot idiot
you ruin my day!

anws, me and gor walked to my cousin's pet shop later on
omg, their shop cat is damn cute!!! kiki's the name
and there were many other dogs there as well
but i only know brownie cuz that's my cousin's dog
the rest were just there to be groomed
they are all damn adorable!
and kiki isnt scared of dogs at all
even when this dog came in and kept on barking at kiki
it didnt hide or anything
it purposely walk to the dog and let him smell kiki
haha, so cute
balance that foul mood i had before

yup okay
i shall go watch tv now
going out with kaimin 2moro=]

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